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  • Freeput, formerly Aurality Studios, is a University of Texas Student startup co-founded by Vincent Liao and Geneva Castellanos in the fall of 2013. After acceptance into the Longhorn Startup Lab, the duo recruited a team of exceptionally talented UT students to help with their vision.

    Forbes defines wearables as “miniature electronic devices that are worn somewhere on a user’s body and enable users to more tightly integrate computing experiences into everyday life”.

    This is exactly what Freeput is trying to achieve.

    In the United States today, there are 6.5 million people who have difficulty grasping a cup or a pen. For them, using a traditional mouse is simply not an option. Instead, our product reads the electrical activity in your skin generated by specific actions and translates them into meaningful input for the computer. Simply put - it's a mouse you control with your head. Left wink: left click; Right wink: right click. We're currently improving the sensors so it can detect the orientation of your head. So where you look the cursor goes.

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